Bond Investment Guide 2018:Invest In Bonds Now

Bond investing is one of the safest ways to invest your money.Investing your money is a good habit.A good investment can help you to get outstanding profit without doing any work.Investing in bond is one of the investment options for you if you want to invest your money without taking a high risk of losing money.This post will help the new investor to invest their money smartly on bonds; This guide will motivate you to invest your saving in bonds.The new investor always confused on investing in money.They follow wrong advice and invest their saving in the wrong thing.In the end, they waste their money.If this is your first investment, then hold on.Take a moment and read this post.On this post, I will cover basic to advance of bond investment.You will also learn how to invest in bonds.

1>What are bonds

how to invest in bonds

bonds are the lending options raised by the government to collect funds.When you buy bonds from the government or any company, you are giving money to the government or issuer company.The company gives your investment back with interest amount after the maturity period.

The government then uses the money raised from the bonds for development.After the maturity date, you will get the profit.

Understanding bonds and its types will help you to invest your money.Bond investments are gaining popularity from last few years.Expert says that investing your money in bonds is the best way to make money.Expert considered bond investment as the safe investment.The amount you invest in bond is safe, and you will get it after the maturity date.You will also get the good interest rate on your amount.

Let’s move to the next section of this guide:

Types of bonds-There are mainly three types of bonds.Government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds.

1>Goverment bonds-Government bond is considered as one of the safest types of bond.The one downside of a government bond is that they have high maturity period.Some government bond has 30 years of the maturity period.Government bonds are slow but safe types of bonds.

2>Corporate bonds-Corporate bonds can help you to earn good amount of money if you invest in the right company bonds.Your profit depends on the company debt and revenue.Unlike government bond, this bond type has low maturity period.If you smartly invest your money in the right corporate bond, then you will make a good profit in short time.You need to very careful with the corporate bonds because if you invest in the wrong bond, then it is high chances that you will lose your money.

A corporate bond has its types, and they are junk bonds, convertible bonds, senior bonds, preferred stocks.I will not explain this corporate bond types because they are beyond the scope of this article.I will expelained them in future articles.

3>Muncipal bonds-

Municipal bonds are issued by the local municipality government whereas government bonds are issued by the federal government.Municipal bonds are the same as the government bond, but it has a short maturity period.Like government bond, municipal bonds also considered as safe bonds.

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