Advantages of having a Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is one of the most famous breeds of dogs. Generally, they are large-sized and very strongly built. They even have a dense and water repellent coating, which is a very good thing. There are many golden retriever facts you can read. Golden Retriever is the first choice of many people. These dogs are cheerful and you can actually have good time with them playing, after returning from hectic work. Along with being cheerful, can easily be termed as the perfect family dog. A golden retriever will always love everyone and they have a different kind of affection for children. They manage to draw admiring looks and loving pats from absolutely everyone they meet. Such is the playful nature of golden retrievers. A Golden Retriever would retrieve your tennis ball every time until your arm gives out. They are so friendly that you can even exercise with them. Retrievers love their masters as well as all people around which makes them adorable. The energy they possess, on the other hand, can be understood anytime.

golden retriever facts

Advantages of having a Golden Retriever

If you are an enthusiast of fitness but for some reason, you do not work out or exercise that much, this dog will make sure you do. These dogs are so into exercises that even if you just follow them all day, it will be enough for your exercise session. You also have to keep your Golden Retriever occupied with extended walks or hikes. Making him your jogging father would be the best option, in fact.


They learn tricks really well and training them is also easy. If you actually want your dog to do what they usually do, you can settle for any other breathe but if you want to make your dog one of the smartest, you definitely have to take a Golden Retriever. Along with it, if you are somebody who wants his dog to stay in the yard you should never go for Golden Retriever. They are really fond of people and they are going to be around them forever. And the best part is that they are adorable as well, which does not annoy anybody unless that person is really afraid of dogs.


Almost all golden retrievers are Blonde, Yellow or Gold and there are two types of golden retrievers. The first one is the American golden retriever and the second one is the British Golden Retriever. They do not have much in difference and even the health problems are quite similar. The muscular body and the great endurance makes them reliable as well along with being just cute.

The eyes are round and dark which is not really something which is the highlight, but at the same time, it is not bad as well. The American golden retriever is not as muscular as the British Golden Retriever but the activeness in both these breeds are same. Golden retrievers are often confused with yellow Labradors and there are a very few differences between them as well. So you should ask the person you are buying from otherwise you might land up buying something else.

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