I thought as a way to help show my appreciation to all of you, that I’d dig deep into this comic’s history and show old sketches, drawings and even discarded comics I made for it.

The first one is the original portrait of Clint used for the character page, ten years ago:

Riveting, I know. :P

In November 2000, I began going to portfolio reviews for colleges. I drew this image of Clint and Lindsay together, wrote a plot summary, and then printed out sample strips to show. You know, the same strips I’m not proud of today. Ten years changes a lot of things…

Yeeeah, and this is when Gorillaz came out:

Right when Gorillaz came out, whenever a person in school saw me doodling my characters (a way for me to get used to their design), they would go “Oh wow that’s so cool! That looks like Gorillaz!” And I was like “Yes! That’s totally correct! Just like Gorillaz!” Even though that wasn’t what I was doing.